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What is different with current existing urinary incontinence device?

ActivGo®Kit™ is the first Devise that has integrated washing system that makes you avoid any infection. This is the first device that manages urinary Incontinence with optimum comfort like you are wearing a normal underwear; with no need of adhesives or clamps

Can women use ActivGo®Kit™?

Soon we would be coming with a women’s product, but for now our product is only for men.

How long does an ActivGo®ExCath™ last?

ActivGo®ExCath™ usually can last up to 6 months, this will depend on your usage and how do you take care of it effectively. To raise of usage duration, would recommend to clean it properly every 12 hours.

Can I sleep while wearing ActivGo®Kit™?

ActivGo®Kit™ can work while sleeping if the urine bag is hanging outside the bed. If you have Periodic limb movement disorder, we wont recommend you wear ActivGo®Kit™ while sleepin

Is it possible to wear ActivGo®Kit™ while driving?

Its possible to wear ActivGo®Kit™ while driving as long as you feel comfortable.

In which countries are you available?

We are available in the UAE and all countries that approve the CE mark

How long does the shipping take?

This depends on which country you are in; in the UAE it will take 2-3 days and to Europe 5-7 days.

Due to Covid-19 virus we might not be able to send the shipments on time, we might face fligh delays and other transportation problems.

I don’t know how to use the product?

Please checkout our video link here